Master's Thesis

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Thanks to a collegue at work (Tim), I just found out that all Canadian and US submitted Master's and Ph.D. thesis are public domain. Here is my thesis from 13 years ago!

Record number 000005165

Title Overcoming delays and enhancing subjective comfort in
virtual environments

Creator Awaragi, Pierre.

Subject Health Sciences, Occupational Health and Safety.

Subject Engineering, Biomedical.

Subject Computer Science.

Description.ABS Through the study of the effects of Virtual Reality
(VR) on human subjects, scientists have determined that
the main cause of discomfort while experiencing VR is
the time lag between the head movements and its
corresponding scene changes.

Description.ABS The main purpose of this thesis is to study and to
propose solutions to reduce VR effects. The proposed
solution is an alternative controller based on a
Proportional Derivative (PD) model. Compared with a
simple Proportional Controller, the PD Controller
offers several enhancements: namely, a larger bandwidth
and a faster and more stable reaction time. The
proposed controller will also reduce the physical side
effects commonly experienced by users of Virtual

Publisher McGill University

Contributor Galiana, H. L. (advisor)

Date 1999

Type Electronic Thesis or Dissertation

Format application/pdf

Language en

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