North Korea makes using a cellphone a war crime during 100 day mourning period

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I've came across North Korea makes using a cellphone a war crime during 100 day mourning period article in The article is interesting but what's even more interesting is one of the comments. I couldn't find a way to link to the comment so I copy/paste it here Paul Zhaurov Facebook Page

You guys clearly don't understand how things work in socialist countries. My family comes from the former USSR. It's not so simple to stage a revolution. The people do not weep for "Dear leader" because "Dear leader" was a great man. They weep because if they don't, the secret police will take them away and they will never be seen again. Did you know that, based on security camera footage, anyone caught not crying when "Dear leaders" body was on display, was actively identified, tracked down, and taken away and sent either to a concentration (labor) camp or put to death?

Now you know why people cry. The whole thing is a sham, and gullible idiots around the world who don't understand that there are other, far worse situations to live in than a somewhat corrupt democracy, think that the people like their system of government. No. Nobody likes it. Just like in the USSR, very few people actually supported the damn system. It is, and was all based on fear. Nobody organizes a revolution, because the government ruthlessly stamps it out and brutalizes not only YOU, but your entire FAMILY, if you so much as entertain any notion of dissent. My Father was almost taken by the KGB once, because some dude ratted him out and made things up about him. During Stalins times it was WAY WORSE. Read about how Stalin treated General Zhukov, arguably the general who single handily orchestrated the decisive victories for the USSR against Hitler's forces on the Eastern front. Stalin had him slandered, his men who FOUGHT IN THE WAR, under his command, captured and tortured, friends and family threatened, by the secret police in order to force them to sign statements against Zhukov. He did all this because he was paranoid. Stalin had his first two heads of KGB killed by various means. Stalin sent millions of people to their deaths. He killed anyone intelligent enough or learned enough to understand what he was doing, and in the process also made the war against Germany extremely harsh and brutal. Hitler's blitzkrieg could have been halted if Russia actually prepared in advance, as many INTELLIGENT people at the time pointed out. What did those people get? A trip to Siberia. Many engineers and scientists who developed very advanced weapons at the time, that could have rivaled Nazi German sophistication, were put to death, or sent to Siberia. In the end, Russia was totally unprepared for what any sane person KNEW was inevitable. It got to the point that, even as Hitlers mechanized army rolled through Russia, people who survived and raced ahead to warn of what was coming, were labeled liars and in some cases put to death. It's a bloody miracle Russia survived, and speaks volumes of the people and the land; not of Stalin. They survived despite him.

And North Korea is worse. Way way worse. N. Korean people exist under conditions right out of Stalinist Russia. You just don't see any of it, due to censorship. I find it absurd how fat, lazy, uneducated Americans who preach from on high about their western morals, understand nothing of history and the conditions other people exist under, talk smack about our great nation and make any sort of pretense of treating N. Korea as a civilized country. We should be frothing at the mouth to go over their and topple that regime, not sitting here complaining about first world countries. We should be happy to spread democracy, not bending over backward to dictators who create hell on earth for their people. God knows, my family came here to escape it, and here we see our own home brew socialist movement, with plenty of idiots to back it up.

North Korean government is a prison. Kim Jong ill was not the leader, he was only the puppet. He was a slave of the system. Behind Kim Jong Ill stood many generals, advisers, and politicians who held great power. When he died, his son was basically put on the throne by these people. Note that he will only be called "dear leaders dear son" only as long as he touts the party line. If he attempts dissent, he will step on the toes of the party, and they will take him out. Of course it will be made to look like an accident. "Dear leaders son was unfortunately lost to us when he experienced acute food poisoning this morning."

That's how it works. In the end, all signs point to Stalin having been poisoned by the third head of KGB Lavrenty Beria , who apparently figured that, based on what happened to his two predecessors, it was pretty easy to extrapolate his own fate.

You think I am making this up, or this is all out of a hollywood movie? Nope. Not even hollywood comes up with conspiracy and intrigue like this, because westerners are unaccustomed to thinking about things this way. That's why you should say thank you, for living in a modern western country where having a phone that can go on the internet anywhere, is seen as no big deal and accessible to anyone that really wants it. Here, you don't get sent to concentration camps for pulling out your phone. Here, you don't starve to death, or have to blindly follow the state like a sheep; any dissent being stamped out cruelly.

Note and draw conclusions from what goes on in other countries. See through the propaganda, and understand that people in these places are whipped, and conditioned, just as YOU are. The difference, is that those people are whipped into submission of the state, while you are whipped and conditioned into thinking through the lens of your western views. You were raised with these ideals, and can't imagine other people behaving differently. You think everyone is a freedom loving person, but in truth, when you understand human history, you learn that most of human existence since the beginning of mankind has been the weak being controlled and afraid of those that are cunning enough to take power for themselves. Stalin was a very smart man. Not in the sense that he knew how to be a magnanimous leader, and create a paradise on earth, but in the sense that he understood people. He understood how to manipulate them, create provocations, conspiracies, and intrigue out of literally thin air, and use it to his advantage, and how to keep power. He was paranoid. And any dictator in the world, usually has a party behind him. And that party is basically these snakes, who manipulate people first subtly, then bluntly to achieve power and to keep it.

This is why western nations need to get their shit together and send a loud and clear message to the world, so that all can see, like the light from heaven, like a beacon, what freedom and prosperity are like. For that to happen, we need to stop electing goddamn socialists, stop destroying our own industries and rights with marxist, statist economic and social legislation. Free Market, free people, unleash the potential of free people and create a paradise on earth. That is how you bring about world peace and change, by making people SEE the alternative to their miserable existence, and encouraging them to attain it for themselves. In the end, it's up to the North Koreans to storm the capital, round up their oppressors, and lob off their heads. No freedom is ever regained except when the corrupt judges and leaders are stoned to death.