Otterbox Defender for iPhone 4 review

| 1 min read

I bought this case immediately after getting my iPhone 4 last year. I wanted a rugged case that will withstand both my and my son's torture.

I knew that protection meant bulk and this case adds plenty. In fact, it does not even resemble an iPhone safe for the Apple logo in the back. Sometimes I like to remove the case just to see the phone design it hides so well.

To date, I've dropped my phone at least four times including once on a cement floor. My son literally threw the phone across the room (12-15 feet) in an angry tantrum. The phone still looks as good and in mint condition as the day I got it. This case can take a beating.

My only issue with the case is with the silicon shell. It does not stay put. Every time I remove the phone from its belt-clip, one or more side comes off. I am sort of used to it by now but it is still very annoying. In fact, the constant movement actually caused it to start cracking and eventually break in one corner.

I called Otterbox and asked if they will provide warranty replacement even if I didn't have my receipt anymore (who keeps these anyway?). They did, no questions asked (except for my shipping info). Now that's a company that stands by its product.

I love my Otterbox defender case and highly recommends it to anyone with a kids or slippery hands.