Why I Switched from JAlbum to Gallery3

| 2 min read

I initially started building and hosting my online photo album using JAlbum. Although an excellent piece of software, my photos are now hosted using a Gallery3 solution The decision was not easily made. Comparing the two packages is like comparing apples to oranges. But given that I had to choose and knowing others might have the same dilemma, I decided to present some of the pros and cons of each solution.

JAlbum Pros

  • Simple process of adding, managing and generating albums
  • Beautiful themes/skins
  • Can be built and tested offline

JAlbum Cons

  • Long processing time for large albums (15 minutes for 3000 photos)
  • Long upload time especially if re-organizing or switching theme and the entire gallery needs to be uploaded
  • No easy way to add built-in user comments unless hosted on jalbum.net

Gallery Pros

  • Simple to add and manage photos
  • Photos need to be uploaded only once
  • Built-in user comments
  • Photos and albums statistics
  • Some very useful modules (e.g. automatic iMobile theme dispatcher)

Gallery Cons

  • Less flashy look out of the box
  • Can only be managed online
  • Relatively complicated administration panel and maintenance
  • Modules and themes need to be installed manually (compared to wordpress automatic installation)
The decision was taken when I had to switch JAlbum skin and re-make my entire album (more than 15 minutes) and then re-upload during 2 hours and half. This was not an acceptable solution knowing that I will be adding more and more pictures every day.

Switching to Gallery3 was simple enough, I used my web hosting fantastico automatic two clicks installer and I was up and running with the latest version of Gallery. The process literarily took less than one minute. I installed the "server-add" module, ftp'ed my JAlbum photo directory to the server and added recursively to Gallery. The entire process excluding the upload time took 5 minutes.

I installed few modules such as iMobile theme and dispatcher and choose the excellent grey dragon theme and was completely ported over.