Family travel with Air France

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Every year, we are amazed by the level of service, attention and TLC we received from the Air France staff

Choosing an airliner, for me, used to be about finding the best deal or the most convenient schedule (within reasonable price range of course), that is no longer my family's case with two kids and a third on its way.

For the past five years, we have been exclusively traveling with Air France. Our experience has been nothing but positively memorable. Every year, we are amazed by the level of service, attention and TLC we received from the Air France staff (from getting on to being getting of). I would like to mention that we travel economy not first class or business. Allow me to explain the loyalty we have to this great airline company.

For us, a family with kids, what really differentiates Air France from other airline companies we traveled on such as Air Canada is the way kids are treated as first class citizens. Two examples will illustrate this difference.

Five years ago, we were traveling on the red eye with Air Canada from Montreal to London. My son was a year and half old and teething. The poor thing was in serious pain and could not fall asleep regardless of all the medication and attention we gave him (and we gave him all we had). They had dimmed the light and people were trying to sleep. Although few were obviously irritated, almost everyone understood our situation. Almost everyone! Out of nowhere we heard the yell of a female passenger "contrôlez votre enfant!" (control your kid). We never knew who it was but to this day we joke about "contrôlez votre enfant".

Last year, while traveling on Air France, my wife and I were separated by an ally. I had my daughter on my lap (she was seven months old) and my wife was sitting next to my son (he was seated in the middle). My son was very hyper and excited, naturally sugar free. Perhaps it was the long trip or he simply could not sit still (who knows why, I doubt any parent knows why their kids get hyper). A male passenger annoyed by my son's constant started to loudly lecture my wife on how she needed to slap him around so he would calm down ("une claque"). I am still unsure what bothered him since he was nowhere near my son. My wife didn't need any help answering this jerk but to my surprise two flight attendants came and started lecturing him about raising kids and how wonderful my son was behaving (he did despite being excited and hyper). They truly understood how difficult it is to travel with kids.

Numerous are the smiles, let me help you with that stroller, how beautiful are your kids that we constantly get on Air France airlines compared to the oh you have a kid frowns we got on Air Canada.

I would like to thank all the staff on Air France who turned our potentially difficult trips to pleasant experiences. Thank you and hope to see you again soon.

The views and opinions in this article are solely mine and are based on my personal experiences. I am not affiliated in any manner or shape with either Air Canada or Air France.